Vera - 2014

Created for ENB Choreographic workshop at the Barbican.

 'Vera' is a pas de deux created for Nancy Osbaldeston and Guilherme Menezes. Based on the First world war with the poem 'In Flanders Fields' by John Mcrae and 'Testament of youth' by Vera Brittain as inspiration.    

"I remember walking down the shimmering Sunday emptiness of Kensington High Street on the hot summer morning after the telegram came, intoxicated, strangely exaltee, lifted into incongruous ecstasy by a sense that Edward's invisible presence was walking there beside me. After that, everything relapsed into paralysis."

"Life itself seemed unreal. I had never believed I would actually go on living without his companionship." "Yet here I was, in a world emptied of that unfailing consolation, most persistently, most unwillingly alive."

'Testament of youth' by Vera Brittain 1893-1970

DOMNA - 2013 

Created for the ENB choreographic workshop at the Place.  In collaboration with composer Laurence Osborn. 

Based on Philip Larkin’s Poem, “Loved Ones”, “Domna” sees Nathan Young searching for his true love, the slightly sinister Jia Zhang, but every time she appears, she is always just out of reach, and always replaced by another. Each of those three women are different, their approach a hint of menace, none more so when all appear together at the end. The most complete work of the evening.
— David Mead


Après une lecture de danse - 2012  

Created for the first year students at English National Ballet School for their end of year performance. The work was re staged for YBDY in london the following year.


The Death of Carlos and Ramon - 2012 

A work created for Tate Britain's Picasso exhibition and Modern British Art exhibition. Based on Picasso's painting 'The three dancers' It was a short but dramatic 3 minute work created for ENB's week-long residency at the Tate.

Conformity - 2011

Choreographic workshop ENB

Stina Quagebeur tackled a tricky concept in “Conformity”, but managed, in many instances, to express abstract ideas through dance with the sort of clarity that indicates serious talent.
The highlight was Stina Quagebeur’s “Conformity”. For three males and three females, the work investigated the gender inequality. It commenced with men standing side by side, forming a ‘wall’ of masculinity, which the woman behind attempted to break through, each time being thrust back. The males held the females and manipulated them, swinging their legs from side to side like pendulums, asserting their control and male dominence. The woman were left frustrated and desperate to be free, but at the same time totally dependent on their male partners for support and protection. Crystal Costa turned desperately to each man in turn, every time being thrown and spun like a helpless ragdoll. The piece ended powerfully as she walked away with her partner but then turned back, unsure whether to conform or keep fighting for her independence.
— Laure Dodge


Design Perspectives - 2010

Created for the Diaghilev exhibition at the V&A.  A partnership project between English National Ballet, London College of Fashion and the V&A. The piece was performed live in the Raphael Gallery and was also adapted into a short film.

Company Bee - 2010

Commissioned 1950’s themed piece for ENB's 60th Anniversary of the company. A fun and humorous piece based on 1950's music.

Zero Hour  - 2009

Based on a tango theme choreographed for Livedance productions. 20 minutes/10 dancers      

Duet  - 2006

A duet created for Livedance productions

Cristal  - 2006

A solo created for Livedance productions

First Impressions  - 2004

first choreographed for the ENB choreographic workshop it then became a popular number for gala’s organized by the company and was performed in various different venue’s including St Paul’s Cathedral

Inner Confusion - 2003

A solo choreographed for herself when she was 18. She was given a contract to start with English National Ballet straight after the performance.

Rhythm Speaks - 2003


Vigorous Sensation - 2002


Purposeful Violations - 2001

Second Prize : Kenneth MacMillan Choreographic Competition (cast 0f 8)

Butterfly’s Day Out - 1999

Second prize : Junior choreographic Competition (cast of 3)

Ah,vous dirai-je maman - 1997

Third Prize : Junior choreographic Competition (duet)