NEW YORK - Meeting The Breaking Glass Project

After a long day walking around New York yesterday we had the roundtable discussion with the Breaking Glass Team. There were 15 of us including this years selected choreographers, the winner from last year and all the choreographer mentors and administrative mentors who are guiding us on our managing and business skills. It was amazing to hear all their stories from freelancing to creating their own companies their journeys and experiences. The battles they still face, the skills of negotiating! It was really interesting to hear stories from so many different backgrounds. Being a choreographer can be a lonely position and knowing and talking to many different people in the field was really eye opening. The Breaking Glass project has created an amazing platform where we can share everything and ask any questions. We will be assigned two mentors, one administrative mentor who can help us on business skills and one choreographer who can guide us artistically for the coming year. I'm really looking forward to meeting both of mine. More to come......

Today, we have a two hour rehearsal at midday so we can get Vera back to life again for tomorrow's performance. 



Team Vera has arrived safely in new York! Guilherme has flown in from Sao Paulo in brazil, Crystal Costa from Vancouver in Canada and myself with my brother from Brussels. 

The costumes were thought to be my wedding dress at check in, my brother who is 8 years younger is my dapper fiance apparently. At Customs in new York we were called husband and wife and in the restaurant in the evening we were supposedly on our honeymoon! I did tell him he was suppose to look like my PA but that obviously hasn't worked!