Vera Performance New York

Absolutely so proud of me dancers last night! Crystal Costa and Guilherme Menezes took their technique and artistry to another level. Their detail and finesse in movement really made an impression on the New Yorkers. They are definitely not shy of speaking to you after the performance with their thoughts. 


It was really interesting to see all the other pieces coming from different backgrounds. There were 120 applications and through quite a lengthy selection process 6 were chosen for Breaking Glass New York. It did make me realise how very lucky I am to be able to work with such talented dancers who bring my work to another level. English National ballet can be very proud of their dancers in new York!

The audience winner was a New Yorker Claudia Schreier. It was a very dynamic and complex work choreographed on some dancers from ABT. The audience vote however was rather unorganised. We had to vote by texting which none of us internationally could do. There were also pieces of paper going around the audience to cast your vote for those who couldn't with their mobiles. My brother was getting quite frustrated!

But really the part I'm really looking forward to is to meet my mentors. In the morning I had my administrative assessment meeting to match me up with my business mentor. It looks like I'm going to get somebody with many connections who has also done a TedTalk . More to follow on that....

Now off to see more sights in New York, my brother is itching to get going!

Team Vera post performance

Team Vera post performance